Our Services

As an one stop shop we offer a full range of services, through which our clients are the real winners!

What differentiates us as a leading engineering consultancy is our sincere, consistent and tailor-made approach to each case, our persistence in the pursuit of the appropriate solutions and, on the technical knowledge front, our focus on the Urban Planning/legal considerations with respect to cost efficiency and environmental implications that allows us to provide our clients with wise and profitable investment options.

The mission of our firm has always been the contribution in the improvement of the built, economic and social environments of communities.

We set the right foundation with the urban design before architecture and engineering become the decorating element of developing areas.

We administer a large portfolio of land and properties for our clients and we are in a position to provide answers and analyses in the form of specialized research/investigation reports so we can make life and decisions much easier and safer for our clients.

In today’s property market we aim putting trust back into people by providing all the necessary legal and technical information either that is related to land, new or existing buildings.

In the building sector in new builds we integrate our client’s needs, energy efficiency (our package concerns top performance near net zero energy homes) and custom made elegant designs, while in existing buildings we take over renovations and energy performance upgrading (residential and non residential-certified as required by law) while we also attend to the legal aspect of it (title deeds, research on area zoning and development prospects).

Reliable Value Packages

We offer a complete range of services from land investment proposals, architectural design to the finished project. For all our service categories we offer A NO OBLIGATION INITIAL CASE REVIEW. For more please read below and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have:

Property Investment Consulting – Real Estate Asset Management – Feasibility Studies

We give a great amount of professional advice and information to clients through all the stages of the real estate investment process. We have the knowledge of the up to date legal/technical environment of Cyprus and we are in a position to read between the lines and give the right advice so our clients can look at all the possible options and make an investment decision that will protect them from the field’s risks while help them maximise their return.

Land Subdivisions (Lot Splits)

Through the most up to date legal/construction requirements we subdivide land into individual plots in residential, industrial and agricultural planning zones.

We incorporate the appropriate for each case business and urban planning design criteria, and we manage the whole process until the new pieces have the necessary legal status for utilization of the land advantages and the maximization of value.

Architectural Illustration & Design

We present customized design concepts with particular care given to context, culture, energy performance and environmental issues. We create buildings of the highest architectural quality, maximising the potential brief and location.

We supplement our designs with the extensive architectural 3D modelling services thereby we help our clients to visualize the architectural illustration & designs at a conceptual stage.

Structural Design

We ask the right questions up front, and based on our shared understanding we develop cost effective and sound approaches to deal with our clients’ challenges. We have in-depth expertise in all building materials and types (including concrete, steel and timber frame design).

Through continuous training in the very latest technologies we are at the cutting edge of the design world. Our team will be with you from inception through construction.

Energy Saving Policy design Specifications/Energy Performance Certificates/Recommendation Reports.

We are committed to delivering energy efficient projects and to improving the energy and resource efficiency (“greening”) of existing buildings. From the 1st of January of 2010 and with the new Energy Efficiency Law in effect we, as Accredited Experts of the Energy Service of the Cyprus Government, issue EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) for commercial and residential buildings along with recommendation reports through which with a technical/economic analysis we suggest measures for the upgrade of the energy performance. We also provide advice and support on Energy Performance related Grants and Schemes.

Read More about Energy Performance Certificates

project management
Property Developments

The monitoring of our projects entails taking care that a project is performed according to the legal requirements, agreement and specifications. We effectively manage teams of subcontractors, associated agents and advisors, vendors, and field personnel to provide a smooth flow of trades, people, and materials needed to complete successfully a property development, including road construction, services and infrastructure.

We take into serious consideration important parameters such as budget planning, energy efficiency, degree of environmental friendliness, health and safety and through a dynamic process, we provide tailored advice based on our client’s best interests.

Planning/Building Surveys, Claims and Arbitration

Our vast experience and knowledge in the legal aspects of the field enables us to sort difficult problems through thorough investigation and come up with actionable solutions. We make sure that our clients understand the process of safeguarding the appropriate by Law status as well as the appropriate quality standards for their property. We consider our ability in problem solving a major asset and all our licensed and qualified experts, if required, are proud to present our work in a Court of Justice.

Engineering/Building Certifications/Due Diligence

In a comprehensive and well organised format, we present facts and conclusions about your real estate. We include research on technical concepts, case studies as well as graphical depictions of designs and data. Our performance is driven by the determination to provide our clients with valuable advice. Contact us today and see how our knowledge becomes your advantage.

Cyprus Property Valuation

Through our certified valuers and other official sources we can give our clients a realistic and honest idea of the property value. We carefully listen to your needs and through our understanding of the current market conditions we offer options and ideas to support our clients’ interests effectively.

Mechanical Services

We encompass the whole range of building services design including, Mechanical & Electrical design. Our engineers and associated subcontractors are well versed in Cyprus and European codes as well as in Green specification requirements, and based on our clients’ needs they are in a position to provide a large variety of cost effective solutions.

Quantity Surveying

Our aim is to be able to analyze in depth costs and expenses in an effort to maximize efficiency in the process of completing a project. We provide professional advice on cost, quality and budget, throughout the entire life cycle of a project and we aim to enhance value for money.

Land Surveying

Our land Surveyors are equipped with the latest electronic surveying equipment to enable fast, accurate topographical and engineering surveys to be undertaken. All drawings are produced using AutoCAD– the industry standard CAD software – or software that use CAD as an operation system, allowing output in AutoCAD formats or as a plot on paper or film. Furthermore we help you through the process of obtaining the necessary official boundary survey certificates.

Title Deeds – A property should be an ASSET and NOT a LIABILITY – No one should be kept “captive” in a real estate situation!! Find which one of our proposals could provide solutions to your case

The various amendments of the Town Planning, Streets and Buildings Regulation, and the Immovable property Laws that have taken place since 2011, along with the previously existing legal framework, could provide solutions to many challenging cases. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation initial case review and for further information and available options in the pursuit of the “Certificate of Registration of Immovable Property”. Find out more about your rights as an immovable property buyer/ owner and about the provisions of the Cyprus Property legal framework which along with our knowledge, experience and continuous efforts could provide answers to your case.